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KRK and Beyond

Thirty years ago, Keith R. Klawitter revolutionized the recording industry with the introduction of his first-of-its-kind near-field monitoring system. To this day, his namesake KRK Systems speakers are among the largest-selling studio monitors in the world.

Now, Keith and his team are proud to introduce a whole new generation of loudspeaker design. Introducing the all-new Nitro and Elite Series – nearfield monitors with performance details like frequency response, imaging, dynamic range, linearity, and phase coherence so precisely attuned and executed that the technical details disappear into the sound and enable you to simply feel the music.

Klawitter Design

Klawitter Design is the culmination of more than three decades of acclaimed loudspeaker design, winning praise from multiple Grammy® award winning engineers, producers, and artists. Our customers agree that Klawitter Design loudspeakers to their studio setups has streamlined their production process. With the unparalleled accuracy our monitors deliver, it’s easy to dial in the fine details when recording, helping mixes come together quickly and translate flawlessly.